Lumayan lah buat belajar nulis cerita,,sekalian memperbaiki Englishnya walaupun masih amatiran 🙂

Arisa ran her hands througs her hair, “Oh my God, I forgot doing my home work! How that can be happened?”

“You are strange. You have known that you forgot, why do you ask?” suddenly Arisa’s best friend, Nasuha, come in with a letter in her hand.

“What is letter do you bring?” Arisa said. “Hmmm, you will make believe that you are sick, right?”

“Yes” Nasuha smile. “Eh.. No, I am not” her correct herself, quickly.

“So, what is letter?”

“Love letter” with shy face, Nasuha gave her letter to Arisa.

“Oh, thanks. For me? Is it from him? Oh my God, I am surprised, unbelievable that he…”

“Huu… don’t be confident!” Nasuha cut Arisa’s talking, “That letter is not for you!”

“So, who is it for?”

“Kevin.” Nasuha smile and shy

“Oh, Kevin” Arisa nodded, “Yeah… Good luck girl”

“Good luck what?!” Nasuha said, “I just want to ask you to help me to put this letter in kevin’s locker”


“Please…” Nasuha requested. “You know, right? I am so shy.”

“Huu… Don’t be lier” Arisa said “Hmmm, Ok! I will do that. But what will you give to me for this?”

“HAH..?! are you sure? You will do that for me? Bribery is easy for me.” Nasuha surprised because it was not easy to persuade Arisa.

“Yes, I do” Arisa said to make sure, “But just put this letter, right? Not more!”

“Yes, that is more enough for me. Thanks a lot honey…” so Nasuha went back to her chair.

Sound of bell heard loudly ignoring the screaming of Arisa because she not do her home work yet.



“Dare you, I get punish because of you this morning” Arisa complain.

“Blame you self, why don’t you do your home work?” Nasuha asked.

“Ok! Who disturb me when I will do my home work?” Arisa said

Nasuha just smiled. But deep in side of her heart, she stayed awake. She was afraid if Arisa changed her mind and she did not help her to put her letter in Kevin’s locker. “Alright, alright. Next time if you have home work and forget to do it, let me do it for you. But now you must verify your appointment. Here is a letter.” Nasuha said happily then she gave her letter. “We wait until the locker is room empty.” Nasuha wishpered.



“The number of Kevin’s locker is 403, don’t be wrong!” Nasuha said with spirit.

Yee… you have asked me and now you threat me? Dare you”

“Don’t much complain!” Nasuha smiled and pulled Arisa’s hands to the locker room.

“Where is his locker room?” Arisa asked when they arrived.

“There! Hurry up! Go!” Nasuha pushed Arisa.

“Patient, ok! It is not my wrong if the lockers in our school made all the same.” Arisa looked about repeatedly searching Kevin’s locker. “Oh here is!!”. Just second Arisa’s hand moved to Kevin‘s locker, suddenly one side the door of the locker room opened (There were two doors the locker room)

“Lho, Arisa “

“Kevin !!!” Arisa shocked when Kevin came. She looked like a stupid girl and look so nervous. That possible because if we are found out by people put love letter to someone locker, it would make so shy. Even if we are found out by that person, it would make more shy.

“What are you doing here?” Kevin asked and tried to keep his smile.

“Oh, no, I just… just…”

“What is that? Love letter, right? Who is it for? Hopely that is for me”

“Ah… Eh…” Arisa speachless. “Ng… this letter, this letter, not…”

Kevin laughed loudly. “Alright, alright. Don’t be care about this letter. I put it on the rubbish pile,ok.” Kevin took Nasuha‘s letter on Arisa‘s hand and he put the letter into the rubbish!!

“Ah..!! Don’t !! That..”

“It is alright, don’t worry. Now I be here with you, so you don’t have to send me A letter, right? Actually, I have liked you for A long time. Just, I don’t really sure, do you have the same feeling as me. So during the time I am always doubt to talk to you. But after this day, I am more confident” Kevin smile sweet “Would you like to be my girl friend?”

Arisa stupefied, so she pierced Nasuha who was pale in the corner.

Oh my God it is a Big Mistake


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