SS5 Taiwan Project Marry U

Biasanya aku ga gitu antusias banget sama project concert suju diluar indo, tapi kali ini exited banget liat project konser Marry U yang di gelar di SS5 taiwan sama ELF – ELF yang nonton SS5 taiwan kemaren (10-12 Agustus 2013) soalnya ni project lucu banget, beda dari biasanya, ditambah lagi reaksi oppars kita pas liat project itu yang pastinya kocak-kocak, sampe aku bela -belain banget deh nunggu updateannya di twitter >o< ini dia projectnya (“`▽´)-σ :

pada saat oppars kita nyanyi lagu Marry U dan bertanya maukah kau menikah dengan ku? ini dia jawaban ELF taiwan yg bikin ngakak guling – guling (“`▽´)-σ

Project Marry U Day 1 :


ini artinya (“`▽´)-σ : lets me think about it first ㅋㅋㅋ

reaksi oppars saat melihat project ini :

Members were laughing at the Marry U fan project where fans said “are you guys joking with us?? We would want to consider as well!!” kyu: so disappointing I’m disappointed!
Hyuk: You guys really want it to be like this?
We are being dumped?!
Min: You guys are so cute! (Laugh very happily)
hyuk: We also have to reconsider! You guys, keep down your banners now!
(Whole stadium kept it quickly)
hyuk: Laughed loudly
Kangin: You guys put up your banner again!
(whole stadium put it up again) Success recovery! SJ said the most irritating is seeing the ㅋㅋㅋ at the end, and asked if fans can remove it HAHAHAHA

(Cr: 溺愛圭賢-孟)  trans : @WorldwideELFs

Hyuk then asked “Do the people of level 3 want to marry us?” And they all said no. Siwon asked “what’s wrong with you guys…”. Wook asked “are you guys married? Married with two kids?” And they said “lets raise the kids up together~”. Hyuk said “Why aren’t the people on the 3rd level holding banners?” Kyu: “The price of paper has gone up.”

credit : @Only_Clouds

Marry U project Day 2 :

days 2


jawaban untuk Day 2 (`▽´)-σ : oppa, I will give you my answer tommorow

sebelum nyanyi marry u :

Before marry u, hyuk said next song is a scary time! lol. SJ: when we got back we considered the rejection a lot. We look forward to today’s project, and are prepared for anything *LOL. Hyuk said they did a lot of mental preparation for today *LOL Our boys scarred kkk. KH asks DH what that surprise is. DH replies, “as long as it’s not ‘Oppas, let me consider it’. When the next song was Marry U, DH said “You all dont put ur hands down, i can see there is smth under ur seats”

pada saat marry u :

When Donghae saw the “oppa i’ll give you my answer tomorrow” he kept laughing until he couldn’t continue. siwon said “Tomorrow you’ll give us the answer? Competitor is really strong!”

after marry u project :

Hyuk laughed to lay on the ground when he saw the project!!! lol!hyuk: ELF really strong enemy. Hyuk asked if they really want to answer it tomorrow. Everyone replied yes. Hae said he like the fans like this, playing a little hard to get. Then kyu said, “No wonder that’s why you always get tricked by girls”. Hyuk said “Do this all you want, we’ll marry the fans for tomorrow’s show.”

credit via @Only_Clouds dan @WorldwideELFs

Marry U Project Day 3 :



finally (`▽´)-σ : of course, I Do

before marry u song :

Oppa said for the past two days, they were disappointed. So today, they hoped the fans will give them their answer. Before they started to sing, everyone went “sigh~~” and gave them 3 seconds to prepare themselves. And then they mentioned about the “kkk~” and the fanproject earlier, “fools” and said, “you guys are the actual fools.” Oppas still didn’t dare to start singing.

During Marry U, when the 3rd level made the “Dumb Dumb ㅋㅋㅋ”
SJ: There’s still some more right? There are still more words coming out?
Fans: NO!
SJ: then we go off now? byebye~
Fans: byebye~

Then all the members were shocked! haha! As the song play, the 2nd level still did not have any words so hyuk kept asking fans at the 2nd level to do up the words~ But fans still did not do it
Hyuk continued pointing & said: Really that’s all?
the 2nd level then started to make the “OF COURSE I DO”
Then hyuk smiled broadly!

after marry u :

hyuk: I didn’t know you’ll agree so didn’t wear groom suit. oppas said “so you guys agreed (to marry us)? but we need to think about it” *LOL oppa dendaman deh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

credit via @Only_Clouds dan @WorldwideELFs

ini perpaduan ketiga projectnya, how adorable..


1-3 marry u project

seneng banget kalo liat oppars kita di PHPin gini ama elf *evil biasanya kan kita yg mesti di troll ama suju oppa kita tercinta ini. Like Idol Like Fans yah, jadi makin cinta aja ama fandom ku yg satu ini, such the bigest and smart fandom ever (ง˘▽˘)ง

Sebenernya sih masih banyak project yang diadain elf taiwan di ss5 taiwan kemaren tp project marry u ini yang paling Impresion buat aku. kalo kamu project konser suju yang mana yg paling berkesan buat kamu, elf?


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