Kyuhyun UFO Reply


Segaja banget ngumpulin UFO replynya kyuhyun, selain karna dia itu bias aku, jawaban UFOnya dia buat fans or hyung-hyungnya tuh lucu-lucu, ga ada manis – manisnya sama fans ㅋㅋ evil banget,, tapi sekalinya bermanis-manis ria sama fans malah bikin keselek ㅋㅋ serba salah juga ya jd si kyu ini (“`▽´) here you go (“`▽´)-σ :

Fan: Kyuhyun oppa you’re hot! / Kyuhyun: I know! *narsis bener*

Fan: I’m at my science class. Are you good at science? / Kyuhyun: I was called Chem Kyu and Physics Kyu! *d(o.0)b

Fan: Jongjin (Yesung’s younger brother) is so much better looking than Yesung. / Kyuhyun: Exactly! *poor yeye ㅋㅋ

Fan: Who do you think is the most innocent, naive, nicest member in Super Junior?/ Kyuhyun: Duh me? -__-

Fan: Oppa~ which do you like better, cowboys or indians? / Kyuhyun:”I like KyuBoys and IndiHyuns!^^ *sarap nih* LOL

Fan: ”Donghae oppa~ I won’t sleep until you reply me!” / KyuHyun: “You can sleep now. Haha” *evil ㅋㅋ

Fan: ”Heenim! Saranghae~~” / Kyuhyun:”You are the weird one, eh?”  *sarua na ge ㅋㅋ

Fan: Why do I love Suju? / Kyuhyun: U love me too right? * yess kyu!! <3*

Fan: Can you say “na young ah I love you?” / Kyuhyun: Na Young Ah I love you *lucky her!*

Fan: Its too cold, the wather will blow u guys away. / Kyuhyun: We are heavy, especially Shindong. *ngakak asli*

Fan: Most handsome member, send me a message! / Kyuhyun: Me? (¬д¬)

Fan: Super Junior has only 13 members right? / Kyuhyun: Its 14….. starts with Leeteuk ends with ELF. (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

Fan: Would you marry me, Youngwoon? / Kyuhyun: What about me? *tenang, masi ada aye bang (っ-●益●)っ*

ELF:Oppa,bagaimana cara bermain starcraft? / KH:terakhir kali aku mengecek,pekerjaanku artis,bukan tutor game *CERDAS ㅋㅋ

Fan: Who does Donghae oppa belong to? / Kyuhyun: Donghae is mine.

*keukeuh (“`▽´)-σ  Fan: Do you wanna go out with me? / Kyuhyun: I said donghae is mine, why would i wanna go out with you?

Fan: ”Your face is like an angel, not even like a human!” / Kyuhyun: ”But why did all of you call me an evil?” — LOL !! :))))))))

ELF: Thank you for being a singer. / Kyuhyun: Thank you for being ELF *your welcome ( ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

ELF: whenever I think of Sungmin I cant concentrate on studying. / KH: When Sungmin thinks of me he cant concentrate on anything too *narsis -_-

ELF: “Why does Cho Kyuhyun have to be this handsome?” / DH: “He can’t be more handsome than Lee Donghae”  (¬_¬”)

ELF: “I love you, Donghae oppa!” / Donghae: “Love you more, girl.” / Kyuhyun: “Stop being a player, hyung!” *evil ㅋㅋ

ELF: My Prince Charming Siwon oppa~ / Kyuhyun: You mean my pastor? * pukpuk siwon *siwon hrs kuat ㅋㅋ

ELF: “Kyuhyun is mine.” / Kyuhyun: “What is this?” / Heechul: “You want to die?” / Yesung: “Give up.” / Kangin: “What? This fella.

ELF : are you take the wrong medicine? / KH : I’m poisoned with your love  *gombal (┛ˋДˊ)┛彡┻━┻

Fan: What are u doing oppa? / Kyuhyun: I am playing with ELF in the waiting room.  *bokis, maen game jg ㅋㅋ

Fan: T_T Are u Kyuhyun oppa? T_T / Kyuhyun: T______T yes I really am T____T

Fan: Oppa is stupid. / Kyuhyun: Compared to you I’m a genius!

ELF: Sungmin I love you,I cant live without you! Oppa also cant live without me right? / Kyu: Sungmin can’t live without me

ELF: Normal. /Kyuhyun: Crazy.

ELF: I can’t sleep! / Kyuhyun: What does it has to do with me?

ELF: What is sexy back? Please explain! / Kyuhyun: I’m suppose to explain?

ELF: Dongsaeng-line! Listen to hyung-line! / Kyuhyun: You….are Eunhyuk right?

ELF: Sungmin oppa, I want to join your ‘Single Club’… Can you accept me as a member? / Kyuhyun: Membership fees is 20,000.. You can pay by 36-months installment..

ELF: SJ-M has 5 oppa, SJ-H has 6 oppa. / Kyuhyun: We’re not broken family, just Super Junior.

ELF: Please present yourself more on show, Kyuhyun! / Kyuhyun: Hyungs didn’t give me chance to speak!

ELF: Wuli neun Super Juni~or! (We are Super Juni~or!) / Kyuhyun: Don’t copy.

ELF: Let’s meet at dream tonight? My man Kyuhyun oppa~ / Kyuhyun: I’m staying up all night.

ELF: Congratulate Kyuhyun oppa for having more than 1000 nicknames. / Kyuhyun: Every word with Kyu counted as a nickname?

ELF: Kyuhyun has too many nicknames, too hard to memorise! / Kyuhyun: Then don’t memorise it!

ELF: When is the first time you drink alcohol? / Kyuhyun: Why you want to know this?

ELF: Using sesame oil to cook ham is really delicious! / Kyuhyun: Then you try it.

ELF: I’m having exam now, but because I’m thinking of oppa so I screwed my test, I still have 3 more to go. / Kyuhyun: Switch off your phone and go to study.

ELF: Kyuhyun oppa!!!! / Kyuhyun: What!!!!

ELF: Please recommend some interesting drama. / Kyuhyun: Kyu-joyong, Kyu-mong, Attack on Kyu-flower boy, Kyuransformers.

ELF: Missing you missing you, loving you. / Kyuhyun: Same thought..always..

ELF: Do Kyuhyun oppa has any disease? / Kyuhyun: Kyuhyun has the disease of missing ELF.

ELF: Please marry with me. / Kyuhyun: Get Sungmin-hyung’s permission first.

Chinese by 红酒小瓶子 ENG trans by Yannie @ MagnaeKyu / @sparkyuina dll


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