Quote Drama Asia

imagesSetiap kita menonton sebuah film ataupun drama serial pasti ada beberapa film yg meninggalkan kesan oleh percakapkan atau quote dari scrip writernya melalui para pemerannya. berikut ini Quote dari drama asia  favorite saya..

When you love someone, you would feel that way (not confidence)

even though yau are determine not to give up..

you would lose your confidence over little things.

Yet, if he is kind to you just a little bit..

you are overjoyed and hope for something more to happen.

you become the happiest person in the whole world.

But, when he is cold to you again..

you get scare, thinking he hates you

it is a never – ending circle

you think you will try to do your best

but your feelings always go up and down

Cr : Kotoko-chan at Itakiss LIT 2013 😀

Ketika tidak ada cinta, bagaimana bisa sebuah kisah berakhir dengan bahagia?

Cr : Do Min Joon at You Who Come From The Star

there is something that won’t work out even if i work hard for them

Cr : Han Se Kyung at Cheondamdong Alice

There is no true love in this world, all love has a purpose, if love that was simple, there would be no lonely people in the world

Cr : Jiang Zhi Shu at It started With A Kiss


bagaimana denganmu para drama lover?


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